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[edit] PandaBoard

If you are new to OMAP and PandaBoard please visit the Ubuntu's Quick Guide for more information on installing and configuring your platform.

[edit] Prebuilt binaries for Desktop and Server images

Download the pre-built binaries of Ubuntu for PandaBoard. For the latest & greatest you can download the daily build environment.

Time to Download: 20mins-1hour (depending on your network speed)

Download release images

Daily Builds

[edit] Ubuntu core

What is Ubuntu Core ?

Ubuntu Core is a minimal rootfs for use in the creation of custom images for specific needs. Ubuntu Core strives to create a suitable minimal environment for use in Board Support Packages, constrained or integrated environments, or as the basis for application demonstration images.

Ubuntu Core delivers a functional user-space environment, with full support for installation of additional software from the Ubuntu repositories, through the use of the apt-get command.

Ubutun Core images are compatible with the use of TI OMAP PPA and adds-on.

For more information, please read Ubutun core wiki.

Download Ubuntu core

Ubuntu core was introduced in 11.10.

Daily builds

Daily Ubuntu Core images are available here: [1]

Setting up Ubuntu Core on OMAP

Please refer to OMAP Ubuntu Core for additional information on how to use Ubuntu Core on PandaBoard or any other OMAP boards.

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