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OMAPpedia Privacy Policy

We understand you value your privacy. The following policy tries to balance the needs of the contributors with the community.

  1. OMAPpedia Wiki user information will not be sold for any reason. Your user information will not be sold to marketing companies or other groups
  2. Your email address will not be exposed to other users
  3. User information will be transferred on demand to law enforcement officials or under court order. In general, your identity will not be protected in case of legal investigation.
  4. IP addresses are logged. The MediaWiki software used by OMAPpedia logs the IP address of anonymous users. This is mostly to give those users some identity, but in case of legal hassle, IP address log information will be turned over to courts or law enforcement officials.
  5. You may be sent email by administrators. This would be only for special needs.
  6. You may be sent mass email by administrators. On very rare occasions, it may be necessary for administrators to send out a mass email to all users. This would be only for any changes in the policy or usage and not for any marketing.
  7. Your "registered name" will be used for attribution. This will appear in the history page.
  8. Your username or IP address is associated with changes. When you create and edit an article, your username will be associated with that change. This is required for us to have some identifier to attribute the work to.
  9. User pages are published Your user page is released under the same license as any other part of OMAPpedia. Don't put personal information there that you would feel uncomfortable having appear on other Web sites, in books etc
  10. Talk pages are published Your comments on talk pages are also subject to the same rules for distribution as any other page.
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