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[edit] Project Overview

Welcome to Android on OMAP. The following wiki pages are based on the OMAP Android project currently hosted at

Below are a list of sections that can help anyone with questions, setup, installations and much more. Feel free to visit each section and change anything that might be out of place or add additional info The overall goal is to have Android up and running as fast and easy as possible.

[edit] Getting Started

Getting started is always the best place to bookmark! Review tutorials and steps on how to setup a linux box, where and how to access source code, and how to build the environment.

[edit] Debugging

Have Android up and running but wondering how to debug the environment. Review the various debugger set-up guides provided in this section to move the project along.

[edit] Project Communications

Where did you hear that? When was that submitted? Can I speak to someone regarding that? These are common questions that can be found on the mailing list or chats located in this section.

[edit] Community Release

It is a software release to the OMAP Android community. It is based on RLS25.x Android release from the open source code off of L25x. In addition, it will have software binaries from TI for OMAP HW acceleration & connectivity integration. The intent of the community release is to enable OMAP community to leverage the power of the platform.

[edit] Android on Legacy boards

This section is to support Android on Zoom1/LDP.

[edit] Miscellaneous

Want to understand Android Manifest? How about setting up a Android Mirror? Or if submitting patches sounds like the perfect Saturday night visit Android Miscellaneous section.

[edit] Android FAQ

Help, I think I broke something and I can't get it working again.

[edit] To Dos

What's currently missing in our Android project that we could use community assistance.

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