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[edit] My SD card stops working? Do I need to reformat it again? Why does this happen?

"sync" Command should be ran prior to ejecting/un-mounting the SD card from the Linux box. This is done to ensure file system integrity. If this is not done then the SD card may get corrupted and may need to be reformatted. If “Busybox” is installed on the platform a "sync" command should also be ran prior to removing the SD card from the device. This will prevent SD cards from corruption.

[edit] When I boot with my Zoom2 and SD card , I have blue led does not go out and no trace

It could be due to the boot FAT has been corrupted. Just format it with mkfs.vfat refer to SD Configuration and copy your files again.

[edit] Help! How do I use git???

See the article here:

[edit] Ethernet address not set

Its observed that sometimes the MAC id is not programmed in the SMSC ethernet controller on the debug board. So the dhcp/tftp may not work out of the box. Workaround is to set the u-boot environment variable ethaddr. The ethernet address is printed on a white sticker on the debug board.

Eg: setenv ethaddr '00:08:EE:02:C6:97' This will be needed only if the EEPROM of LAN chip is not programmed. Not all boards need this fix.

[edit] Cut paste of U-boot environment variables

Because of the serial controller change, its observed that a cut-paste of large u-boot environment variables does not work fine with Teraterm/Minicom. To get Teraterm working, use the following setting:

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