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[edit] How to fix the instructions?

I really like this layout -- especially the bar at the top of the page with the steps. I think it'll be very easy for people to get up to speed. Unfortunately the instructions don't come close to working yet. In fairness, I'm going through them for the ZOOM3 & these seem to have been updated for the OMAP4 systems. (But I can't get the OMAP4 instructions to work either). I want to BE BOLD and edit the instructions without stepping on anyone's toes. If there is a correct process or guideline to follow here then please let me know. Jeff Carr 23:22, 11 August 2010 (UTC)

Hey Jeff,

Please feel free to update the these pages. We have been trying to find a good solution but it becomes a bit difficult given the number of platforms and the number of options available for each platform. Please join us on the IRC chat channel (#linux-omap). I would be interested in hearing what issue you are having.


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