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This wikipage stages new ideas, suggested feature additions, improvements etc. to the PM SW till they get scheduled for development.


[edit] HWMOD Framework Enhancements

The HWMOD framework enhancements were discussed as a part of PM workshop held at Bangalore 7-11 Jun, 2010. More details can be found at this link.

They are being scheduled for implementation. Once that is done, more details can be found under HWMOD wiki.

[edit] SR Voltage Control Migration to Regulator Framework Drivers

[edit] CPUFreq Ondemand Improvement to Fix Performance Issues

[edit] Policy Framework for Other Voltage Domains

[edit] Dynamic Management of SMP Cores

[edit] CPUIdle Refinement

[edit] Extend PM QoS to Provide Per Device Granularity

[edit] Memory Hotplug

[edit] Improve the PM Debug / Trace Capability

[edit] CPUFreq / CPUIdle Instrumentation for Timechart Usage

[edit] STM / ETB Support to Export HW Information without Lauterbach

[edit] PM Idle Code in I$/D$ Instead of SRAM

[edit] Latency Modeling

[edit] Dynamic Clock Events

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