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Linux Community Release


[edit] What is Linux community release?

It is a software release to the TI OMAP Linux community based on L23.i3.x, a Poky base release with code from the open source that is available through bitbake recipes. In addition, it will have software binaries from TI for OMAP HW acceleration & connectivity integration. The intent of the community release is to enable OMAP community to leverage the power of the platform.

[edit] What is released?

  There is one package containing OMX components and another package that contains DSP binaries that work with the OMX components.
  Connectivity package with firmware
  Pre-build images that can be loaded on the Zoom36x hardware.
  Generic Linux SGX Graphics SDK for OMAP3630

[edit] Supported Features in the Community Release

[edit] Generic Linux MM Use Cases (DSP)and TI OMX Components

 MPEG4/H263 Video Dec
 MPEG4/H263 Video Enc
 H264 Video Dec
 AAC Dec

To pull the required DSP binaries and OMX Components go to the OpenMax site given: This package will be indicated as L23.i3.3.

[edit] Connectivity

 WLAN Firmware

This project is currently being hosted at The current release is RLS23.i3.3.

[edit] Release Notes

Release notes will detail the contents of the release, supported features, any known issues/limitations, how to build and also the sanity test results.

Feb 2010: L23.i3.3 Release Notes
July 2010: L23.i3.8 Release Notes
June 2010: Generic Linux SGX Graphics SDK Release Notes

[edit] Poky Test Cases and Test Execution User Guide

This section lists the sanity tests and details on how to execute the tests. The tests listed here are only minimal sanity tests. There are more extensive tests run on the fully featured TI customer releases.

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