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The following table gives the schedule for device driver adaptations to HWMOD and tracks the progress.

Device Driver Adaptation to HWMOD - Schedule and Progress

HWMod Activities/ Drivers Applicability Status (Not Started/ Implementation Stage/ Verification Stage/ Submitted/ Review Stage/ Accepted/ Merged) Submission Target Owner
HWMod Database for OMAP3OMAP3Implementation StageNAAll
HWMod Database for OMAP4 ES1.0OMAP4Submitted 7th MayBenoit
HWMod Database for OMAP4 ES2.0OMAP4Implementation StagePost ES2.0 verification (July)Benoit
DMA OMAP3/4Implementation StageEnd of JulyManjunath/ Santosh
GPIO OMAP3/4Review StageInitial Submission DoneCharu
GP-TimersOMAP3/4Verification StageEnd of MayThara
WatchdogOMAP3/4Verification StageEnd of MayCharu
UARTOMAP3/4Submitted for OMAP3End of MayGovindraj
I2COMAP3/4Review StageInitial Submission DoneRajendra
MMC/ SD/ eMMCOMAP3/4Verification StageEnd of MayKishore/ Venkat
SDIOOMAP3/4Implementation StageEnd of MayKishore/ Sukumar
Keypad OMAP3/4Review StageInitial Submission DoneAbraham
McSPIOMAP3/4Verification StageEnd of JuneCharu
McBSPOMAP3/4Not StartedEnd of JuneCharu
EMIFOMAP3/4Not StartedEnd of JulySantosh
MUSBOMAP3/4Implementation StageEnd of JuneHema/ Anand Gadiyar
EHCI OMAP3/4Not StartedEnd of JulyKeshava/ Maulik
OHCI OMAP3/4Not StartedEnd of JulyKeshava/ Maulik
SmartReflexOMAP3/4Submitted for OMAP3End of MayThara
GPMC (should take care of NOR, NAND, OneNAND)OMAP3Not StartedEnd of JulyKishore/ Sukumar
SDRCOMAP3Not StartedEnd of JulyTarun/ Charu
DSSOMAP3/4Implementation StageEnd of July subject to overall code cleanup & successful verificationSenthil/ Mukund
Audio (McPDM, ABE)OMAP3/4Implementation StageEnd of June subject to ongoing audio upstreaming progress & successful verificationJorge (OMAP4) & David (OMAP3)/ Liam
Syslink (Ducati, IVA-HD, Tesla)OMAP3/4Implementation StageEnd of July subject to overall code cleanup, ongoing syslink upstreaming & successful verificationPaul Hunt (OMAP4) & Ohad (OMAP3/ Hari K & Ohad
GFXOMAP3/4Implementation StageEnd of June subject to overall code cleanup, ongoing GFX upstreaming & successful verificationHemant (OMAP4)/ Preshit (OMAP3)/
Networking & Navigation (Connectivity) NeedsOMAP3/4TBDTBDShahed Molla & Benzy Gabay
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