Frequently Faced Display errors

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Sufficient vram is not available.
Try passing vram=<value>, omapfb.vram=0:<size>
If you have already sent these parameters try increasing the values.
Max value of vram is 32

Common Error codes in Linux:

Error Symbol Error code Description
EPERM -1 Operation not permitted
ENOENT -2 No such file or directory
ESRCH -3 No such process
EINTR -4 Interrupted system call
EIO -5 I/O error
ENXIO -6 No such device or address
E2BIG -7 Argument list too long
ENOEXEC -8 Exec format error
EBADF -9 Bad file number
ECHILD -10 No child processes
EAGAIN -11 Try again
ENOMEM -12 Out of memory
EACCES -13 Permission denied
EFAULT -14 Bad address
ENOTBLK -15 Block device required
EBUSY -16 Device or resource busy
EEXIST -17 File exists
EXDEV -18 Cross-device link
ENODEV -19 No such device
ENOTDIR -20 Not a directory
EISDIR -21 Is a directory
EINVAL -22 Invalid argument
ENFILE -23 File table overflow
EMFILE -24 Too many open files
ENOTTY -25 Not a typewriter
ETXTBSY -26 Text file busy
EFBIG -27 File too large
ENOSPC -28 No space left on device
ESPIPE -29 Illegal seek
EROFS -30 Read-only file system
EMLINK -31 Too many links
EPIPE -32 Broken pipe
EDOM -33 Math argument out of domain of func
ERANGE -34 Math result not representable

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