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How to get started building your own binaries for the Android OS on your OMAP Platform
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Step 3

[edit] Pull Kernel Source

cd ~/android_rls/
git clone git:// kernel/android-2.6.35
cd ~/android_rls/kernel/android-2.6.35
git checkout -b <name-of-new-branch> <based-on-some-commit-ID>

[edit] Building Kernel

cd ~/android_rls/kernel/android-2.6.35
make ARCH=arm distclean
make ARCH=arm <select_board_config>_defconfig
make ARCH=arm uImage 2>&1 |tee $MYDROID/logs/kernel_make.out
cd ~/android-2.6.35/arch/arm/configs

For blaze or blaze tablet, use blaze_defconfig

[edit] Building Kernel Modules

cd ~/android_rls/kernel/android-2.6.35
make ARCH=arm modules 2>&1 |tee $MYDROID/logs/kernel_modules.out

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