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[edit] Beagle Board mac80211 Connectivity

[edit] Summary

Provided you have the Beagle Board and the associated WLAN daughter card it is quite easy to get the WiLink up and running on it. This page provides you the relevant information to do that. (The site provides information on the open source software development effort for it.)

For background information on the Beagle Board visit:

To get WiLink on the Beagle Board you have to have the WLAN daughter card for it. This expansion card enables the wireless connectivity functionality:

[edit] Hardware information

To obtain a Beagle Board you can visit the vendor sites linked on this page:

The following page has the vendor information for the new BeagleBoard-xM (see Buy-xM page):

[edit] Board Setup

First steps:

Start minicom:

Log in to the serial console.

Beagle Board uses a two-phase boot:

  1. Sets up the environment
  2. Kernel parameters given to this for booting of kernel.

[edit] Software:

Which (Linux) Kernel should I use?:

[edit] Connecting to an open Access Point

Once you have the Beagle Board (with the WLAN daughter card) up and running a variant of Linux (with the WLAN patches applied) you are almost home. The following steps show you how to get the interface up.

Set your own MAC address:

 ifconfig wlan0 hw ether 08:00:28:00:00:<number>
 ifconfig wlan0 up

Using the iw tool to scan:

 iw wlan0 scan

Connecting to an open AP:

 iw wlan0 connect -w OpenLink
 dhclient wlan0


 iw wlan0 disconnect

[edit] Connecting to a WEP AP

Connecting with iw using a pre-defined key:

   iw wlan0 connect -w OpenLinkWEP key 0:00deadbeef

Connecting with wpa_supplicant:

  vim wep.conf
 wpa_supplicant -B -i wlan0 -c wep.conf 
 wpa_cli status
 dhclient wlan0

[edit] Downloads:

Patch to get WLAN working (for Linux kernels):

[edit] Release Notes

[edit] Current known issues:

[edit] Related Links

Wlan Adapter Wiki Support Page:

Register your project to win a BeagleBoard + Wi-Fi™ card: – visit for additional information: – visit for additional BeagleBoard related:

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