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[edit] Welcome to the community

By now you should have received you Zoom2 / Zoom OMAP36x board and are ready to get started. Lets start with the basics.

[edit] Documentation

[edit] Zoom hardware setup

[edit] Tools

[edit] Need help with something

IRC: #linux-omap

The best and faster way to get a response is in the chat room. Please feel free to speak your mind.

Don't know how to set up IRC? Visit: IRC Setup

Mailing list: omapdiscuss@googlegroups.com

This is a general mailing list that covers the omapzoom platform. Please feel free to submit questions or comments here.

Note: Other projects may have another mailing list. Please read through the documentation to see if a mailing list is established for that particular project.


You are on omappedia. If something does not seem right please feel free to fix it. This is an open wiki so your contributions are welcome. Other community user may have the same problems you are dealing with so we encourage participation.

[edit] Getting started with a project

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