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By default Launchpad package upload is done through FTP. This protocol may not be allowed if you are behind a corporate firewall. As of June 2010, the support of sFTP has been implemented and released in Launchpad.

The assumption here is that your corporate firewall would allow external SSH.

If you need to upload packages from behind a corporate network, make sure to have the following configuration in ~/.dput.cf:

fqdn                    = ppa.launchpad.net
method                  = sftp
incoming                = ~%(ppa)s/ubuntu
login                   = <launchpad account name>

And you also need to make sure that you have corkscrew installed, and the following configuration in ~/.ssh/config:

Host *.launchpad.net
   ProxyCommand corkscrew <proxy address> <proxy port> %h %p
   User <launchpad account name>

See Using bzr and launchpad behind a proxy for more details.

Finally you will need to make sure that you have uploaded your public SSH key into your Launchpad account.

Then just follow the standard instructions to build a source package, and upload using dput, such as

dput ppa:<id>/<ppa name> foo_source.changes
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