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[edit] Zoom as Netbook/Desktop

For an user experience of the full blown Zoom platform with USB keyboard and mouse with HDMI, please view this Video playing an MPEG4 clip in the TV using GNOME media player from Angstrom. The same can be leveraged on Ubuntu too.

[edit] USB Keyboard and Mouse

USB Keyboard and Mouse can be enabled on Ubuntu by adding these features in the Zoom (34x/36x) kernel config. Zoom has USB OTG support and the USB keyboard and mouse are used on gadget Zero (g_zero). The devices are connected to Zoom through a self powered USB hub connected to the USB OTG port.

This has been tested on the LO kernel from the TI sync tree.

To enable these features, please follow these instructions.

[edit] HDMI on Ubuntu

Zoom provides a Netbook/Desktop like experience with HDMI enabled on it. This helps explore the capabilities of the Ubuntu filesytem on a bigger display.

HDMI is enabled in the kernel and the display can be switched between LCD and HDMI. Intructions to enable and use HDMI are here.

This has been validated on the LO kernel from TI sync tree. Please use the below commit id. OMAP3 Kernel - beta-next: ba9c6ce8af88379972bae7a502412522003c0c28

There is one limitation on this implementation that the display is not full screen in the TV while switching from LCD. This is being discussed with the Zoom and Angstrom communities for a fix. This is work in progress...

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