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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The instructions given here are basically a more verbose version of the installation instructions found at the Ubuntu ARM and especially Ubuntu ARM/OMAP pages. In case of deviations, the instructions there should be given precedence because they are generally more up-to-date.
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How to get started with Ubuntu using pre-built binaries on your OMAP Platform
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Step 7

Validation Steps

  1. Ensure you have a device with Bluetooth enabled and visible (e.g. your mobile phone).
  2. Click the Bluetooth icon on the top bar Bluetooth.jpg and select "Setup a new device" option.
  3. Click the "Forward" button in the Introduction window.
  4. Optional: Click the "Pin Options" button to select the PIN you want to use.
  5. Look for the device you want to connect to, select it and click on "Forward" button.
  6. Depending on the selected PIN option, you will be asked to type that code on your mobile, in order to link the devices.
  7. Click the Close button in the Setup Completed window.
  8. Click the Bluetooth icon on the top bar and select "Browse files on device".
  9. Select the device that has been set above, and click the Browse button.
  10. From your selected device, accept the connection.
  11. Click Close button on Setup Completed window.
    A File Browser window will be opened, with the files available at your device.
  12. Select any file, right click on it and select copy.
  13. On the file browser, select a local directory, and then from the window menu select Edit -> Paste. A copy of the selected file will be placed in the local directory.
  14. Verify the file was copied correctly (e.g. if the copied file is a picture, verify the picture can be displayed correctly).
  15. Click the Bluetooth icon on the top bar and select "Send files to device..."
  16. From the opened window, select the file you want send and click the Open button.
  17. Select the device from the list and click Send To button.
  18. In your device, accept the connection and the file. You should be able to see the transferred file.

  1. Ensure you have the speakers connected and turned on.
  2. Open your navigator (Firefox) , and go to the following address: http://trailers.apple.com/
  3. Select any of the trailers available.
  4. Click on the "Watch Now" button. You should be able to hear and listen the trailer.

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