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Here is how to install Unity on an Ubuntu running on OMAP4.

[edit] A word of warning

Unity on OMAP4 is at is early stages.

[edit] Installing Unity

Make sure you have installed the TI add-ons for accelerated OpenGL ES libraries.

Then installing and running the Unity UI can be done by installing the "GL ES" clutter & clutk libraries, as well as a "GL ES" mutter from Alexander's PPA:

 # add-apt-repository ppa:asac/armel1
 # apt-get update
 # apt-get -u install mutter libclutter-eglx-es20-1.0-0 libclutk-0.3-0

You can then log into a unity session ('Ubuntu Netbook Edition', NOT 2D).

[edit] See Also

OMAP Ubuntu Main, Unity page on ubuntu.com

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