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[edit] Q&A on DSP Firmware License

[edit] Can the TI's DSP firmware release be used & redistributed for development purpose on a OMAP Zoom platform ?

Yes you can certainly use & redistribute for development purpose on OMAP Zoom platform.

[edit] Can I use this DSP firmware on Beagleboard, Gusmstix overo earth, or similar platform using TI OMAP processor?

Yes, As long as the device uses a TI part, which the Overo Earth of course does, there should be no issues. Also, distribution it should be okay to distributes in binary form for development purposes. If you want to deploy these codecs in a production environment you should get a production license from Texas Instruments, which would also grant you support. Since the codecs are C64x+ code, they are of little use on a non TI part.

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