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I couldn't get script running after trying different computers and ubuntu + sbox combinations. The reason was really stupid. For some non-logical reasong I tried to strip out possible windows new lines using sed from script and BAM it started working. The error message that it gave before that was './ No such file or directory' but after removing windows newlines it worked. That script should be updated on this page with a version that does not have windows newlines since they seem to be fatal to sbox.

-- Jarkko

Hi, Jarkko, I met the same problem, thanks for the hint. I used "dos2unix", it worked. (to install, "apt-get install tofrodos")

-- Linamm

Thanks Jarkko and Linamm for the input. We are in the middle or moving all the scripts to Maemo garage and we will update them during the move...

-- orbarron

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