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[edit] Overview

The first delivery is made up of four packages, to be installed in that order:

1 - ZoomSW for Symbian^3-1.0-Setup.exe; the actual baseport; make sure you select your epoc32 directory when installing

2 - Symbol files 1-1.0-Setup.exe; first batch of symbol files for debug; to install in your epoc32\release\armv5\udeb directory

3 - Symbol files 2-1.0-Setup.exe; second and last batch of symbol files for debug; to install in your epoc32\release\armv5\udeb directory

4 - csst_v2.6.1.exe is the tool for flashing the ZoomII board

Please note that this delivery is UDEB only.

All files to be found from

[edit] Symbian Getting Started

[edit] First steps

The kits you will need to build ZoomII BSP are the PDK3.0c related files: (optional)

You will need to download the files, extract them, then extract the TI BSP which will overwrite whatever needs to be. The TI BSP can be obtained from here:

The following link is providing information about how to build:

[edit] IMG issue with CSST

Please note that if you try to flash the image provided with the delivery (ZOOM2ARMV5.IMG), it will not boot up. The problem comes from the fact that the .IMG file provided has had its EPOC header stripped during ROM image generation due to the directive 'nowrapper' being included in header.iby.

CSST is not parsing the file but assumes that, because it is an 'IMG' file, it needs to strip off the EPOC header before sending it to the device. This results in part of the Symbian image being deleted - hence the failure to boot.

The simplest way to rectify this is to rename the IMG file to something other than IMG e.g. ZOOM2ARMV5.RAW - then the image will boot successfully.

Credits: Alan Jones and Brendan Donegan

[edit] Flashing the Zoom2 MDK using ATS

Brendan posted a Wiki page describing how to set up a custom flashing mechanism in ATS so the ZoomII can be flashed.

[edit] Project Communications

Where did you hear that? When was that submitted? Can I speak to someone regarding that? These are common questions that can be found on the mailing list or chats located in this section.

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