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Component Availability in OMAP3 OMAP4 Comments
MUSB Host Available Not Available
MUSB DeviceAvailable Not Available Dependency on Phoenix Transceiver driver
MUSB OTG Available Not Available Dependency on Phoenix Transceiver driver
EHCI/OHCI Available 2.6.38
McSPI Available Available Master Mode support added.
OMAP Serial & HWMOD support Available Available Up-streamed to 2.6.37
Sensors AvailableAvailable Pressure, Proximity, Temperature, Digital Compass, Phoenix LED, GPIO LED
Keypad Available Available Functionality w/o HWMOD & Runtime PM
Touch Screen Not Available Not Available Synaptics working on it
Ethernet Available Available
McBSP Available Available Basic driver w/o polling mode and DMA support

Feature Availability in OMAP3 OMAP4 Comments
USB3 Device mode support (tested on HAPS-PCI)Not Available 3.2
MUSB Host/Device support Available 2.6.38
MUSB Host/Device HWMOD support 2.6.39 2.6.39
MUSB Runtime PM 2.6.39 2.6.39
MUSB Power Management support 2.6.39 2.6.39
EHCI support 2.6.38 2.6.38
OHCI support 2.6.39 2.6.39 Testing OHCI would need board modifications
EHCI/OHCI simultaneous support 2.6.39 2.6.39
EHCI/OHCI HWMOD support 3.2 3.2
EHCI/OHCI Runtime PM 3.2 3.2
EHCI/OHCI Aggressive Clock Management 3.3 3.3
McSPI HWMOD & Runtime PM 2.6.39 2.6.39
OMAP Serial Design Revamp & Runtime PM 2.6.39 2.6.39
OTG 2.0 support TBD TBD
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