Proceedings of the PM SW Workshop Jun 2010

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This wikipage contains proceedings of the PM SW Workshop held in Bangalore on 7-11 Jun, 2010


HWMOD Framework Enhancements

Reset Management Support in HWMOD

More Granular HWMOD Structures

Multi-level omap_device_idle

Placeholder for patches from Vibhore to support device latency contraint

Access to HWMOD Internal Data

Miscellaneous Issues


Power Domain And Clock Domain Cleanup

Aligned on the following two phase approach

SRF Replacement - Constraints Part

Types of Latency Constraints

Details of Interrupt Latency

Details of Device Latency

Proposed Implementation

void omap_pm_set_max_dev_wakeup_lat(struct device *dev, long t) { /* existing code */ 1. Look for devices’ power domain (might be multiple step if starting with general device) 2. Use device name as identifier for constraint request

if (t == -1) pwrdm_release_wakeup_lat_constraint (pwrdm, lat_dev_name); else pwrdm_set_wakeup_lat_constraint (pwrdm, lat_dev_name, t); }

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