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OMAP3(3430 and 3630)

Sl No Description Module Name Upstream Status Owner Permalink Target Week Comments
1OMAP: Zoom2: Enable NAND in defconfigNANDChanges RequestedVimal Singh is under progress
2ARM: OMAP3: Add NAND support for LDP and Zoom2NANDChanges RequestedVimal Singh is under progress
3OMAP2/3: Add support for flash on SDP boardsPlatformChanges RequestedVimal Singh is under progress
4FIX OMAP3:McBSP poll read and write for OMAP3McBSPChanges RequestedRafiuddin Syed
5Disable headset jack detection for SDP3430SoundChanges RequestedRomero, Felipe
6Audio: Enable DASF support in ZOOM2 machine driverSoundChanges RequestedWang, Jane is under progress
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