Pandroid Froyo L27.8.2 Release Notes

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Release: Pandroid_Froyo_L27.8.2

Package Contents:

The tar file contains 2 folders, 'boot' and 'afs'

Release Features:

Additional features validated:

Known Issues/Limitations:

OMAP Features:

  - Kernel binary available in the package has BT and WLAN enabled 
  - Conenctivity driver modules to enable WLAN and BT on Pandroid are included in the file system
 **  st_drv.ko and bt_drv.ko files are in the root of 'afs'
 **  tiwlan_drv.ko is available in system/etc/wifi folder
  - In addition to the binaries, firmware and init scripts are needed to enable the features. These can be obtained from the connectivity release package available at
  ** Copy TIInit_7.2.31.bts (BT init script for WL127x) from the above ref release package to system/etc/firmware folder of the file system (firmware folder needs to be created)
  ** Copy firmware.bin from the above ref release package to system/etc/wifi folder of the file system

 - The kernel binary file in the release package has GFX enabled
 - The GFX libraries can be downloaded from
 ** Copy the GFX libraries from the above ref release package to the android file system as follows:
   sudo cp data/app/*        /media/afs/data/app
   sudo cp system/bin/*      /media/afs/system/bin
   sudo cp system/lib/egl/*  /media/afs/system/lib/egl
   sudo cp system/lib/hw/*   /media/afs/system/lib/hw
   sudo cp system/lib/lib*   /media/afs/system/lib


For instructions on how to build connectivity modules and GFX and test them, visit

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