PandaBoard Minimal-FS SD flashing

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EVEN MORE IMPORTANT: See Troubleshooting for up-to-date information and binaries. Information below is outdated.

Setting up your Validation Environment on your OMAP Platform
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Step 3

[edit] Loading Bootloader, Kernel and Filesystem to SD card

Loading Uboot

Copying uboot onto SD boot partition:

# sudo cp -rf <location_of_uboot.bin> /tmp/mmc1

Loading Xloader Copying xloader (MLO) onto SD boot partition:

# sudo cp -rf <location_of_MLO> /tmp/mmc1

Loading Kernel Copying kernel image onto SD boot partition:

# sudo cp -rf <location_of_uImage> /tmp/mmc1

Loading Filesystem Copying filesystem onto SD disk partition:

# sudo cp -rf <location_of_rootfilesystem>/tmp/mmc2

or you can untar the filesystem directly to the SD card by:

sudo tar zxvf <location-of-rootfs.tar.gz> -C /tmp/mmc2

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