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This wikipage describes the proposed PM SW upstreaming plan for 2011.

NOTE: The readiness and acceptance of a feature is decided by the community and hence may deviate from proposed target merge widnows mentioned below. The plan may undergo further changes in future based on upstreaming progress made till that time.

OMAP PM SW Upstreaming Plan

Feature Owner 3.1 3.2 3.3 Dependency/ Remarks
PM Frameworks (Power /Clock Domain), HWMOD Framework & runtime PMRajendraClock Sequencing patches merged Following features to be pushed. (1)Support context loss count (2) Support for SAR (3) Support for IO DaisychainEnhancements / suggestions from 3.2 reviewsNA
OMAP4 MPU Low Power state (CSWR, OSWR & OFF) in cpuidle and suspendSantoshNoneOMAP4 MPU Low powerstate (MPU CSWR, OSWR & OFF)Enhancements / suggestions from 3.2 reviewsNA
PRCM Chain HandlerTeroNonePRCM Chain Handler support for OMAP3 & OMAP4Enhancements / suggestions from 3.2 reviewsPatch series V6 posted and under review.
OMAP4 Core Low Power stateRajendraNoneSupport for Core CSWR in suspend/cpuidle pathSupport for Core OSWR and OFF in suspend/cpuidle pathDepends on 1. Acceptance of MPU Low power state feature 2. Acceptance of PRCM Chain handler 3. UART Runtime PM adaptation acceptance
Voltage Layer clean upTeroNone1. Converting OMAP SMPS into Ragulators 2. Voltage Parameter Segregation 3. Rest of voltage layer clean upEnhancements / suggestions from 3.2 reviewsDependency: 1. Inputs from Kevin on list of pending activities form voltage domain clean up. Current status: (1) OMAP SMPS patch V4 posted and under review. (2) Voltage segregation patch v2 posted and under review
OMAP4460 TPS changesTeroNANAOMAP4460 TPS & Voltage scaling supportDepends on acceptance of voltage layer clean up
DVFS Framework MikeNANAOMAP3 &OMAP4 DVFS FrameworkNA
SR 1.5Nishant MenonNANASR 1.5 frameworkPatches to Convert SR into hwmon driver by Paul
ABBMikeNoneABB Support for OMAP3 & OMAP4Enhancements / suggestions from 3.2 reviewsPatch V2 posted and under review
Constraint FrameworkJeanNoneOMAP3 & OMAP4 device latency constraintsThroughput latency constraintsPatch V4 posted. Raffael is OK with QOS Patches and wants to queue for 3.2. OMAP specific patches need ack from Paul & Kevin
HW TraceframeworkJeanNANAOMAP4 HW Trace FrameworkNA
cpuhotplug governor frameworkMikeNAOMAP4 cpuhotplug governor frameworkEnhancements / suggestions from 3.2 reviewsBeing reviewed by Linaro
OMAP4460 thermal driverKeerthyNAOMAP4460 thermal sensor driverEnhancements / suggestions from 3.2 reviewsSince this feature needs to be added only for OMAP4460, we need to have a mechanism to add OMAP4460 specific hwmod data.
Thermal FrameworkLinaroNANATBDThis activity is driven as part of Linaro Blueprint. Need to see how it progresses
PM ConsolidationJeanNoneNonePM Consolidation task. 1. Clean up PM Initialization sequence 2. Convert PM into a loadable libraryNA
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