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Omappedia wiki is a public, collaborative wiki and no company-sensitive material should be posted here. It uses Mediawiki and is easy to use. Some guidelines are listed in the form of Q&A.


[edit] Q: How do I create a topic?

Note that you have to be logged on before you can create a page. If you're not logged on and try the steps above, you'll just get a "failed to locate that page" error with no option to create it.

[edit] Q: I have a bunch of HTML, MS Word and Excel content I'd like to put in Mediawiki format. What can I do?

As an example let's say you have a .doc MS Word file with a few tables etc that you want to turn into Mediawiki format. To do this you could install Word2MediaWikiPlus. Essentially: - 1. Download the latest Word2MediaWikiPlus version. Save the zip file anywhere.

2. Open up Word2MediaWikiPlus_Installer.doc, enable Macros. Follow the instructions and click Install or Update Macro

3. After some simple configuration this will give you a Convert To Wiki button. Open up your Word doc and click this button. This will go thru the article and convert it to Mediawiki format.

4. Select the whole article (CTRL-A), copy it (CTRL-C), and paste it into a Mediawiki article (CTRL-V). Done. Note that you probably dont want to save the converted .doc file directly in Word since it converts it "in-place". Just save it in the wiki directly.

[edit] Q: What file types can I upload?

[edit] Q: What's the limit on file size uploads?

[edit] Q: Can I upload code?

Products should not be uploaded on the wiki; instead you should link to a product release website. This wiki is not intended to be a software distribution channel, but can be used to provide links to products and other reference material.

[edit] Q: Can I create a topic off-line then post it once I'm happy with it?

[edit] Q: Any guidelines for adding content?

[edit] Q: Any guidelines for adding attachments?

A file with this name exists already, please check Image:Release 610 overview public.pdf if you are not sure if you want to change it.

You can then choose to rename your destination filename or overwrite the original if it makes sense.

[edit] Q: Can I associate my wiki topic with a bunch of categories?

[edit] Q: Can I find out if my topic is popular?

[edit] Q. When I create a page, how can I be sure nobody already created a similar topic?

[edit] Q. How do I create new categories?

[[Category:Category name]]

Then click on that Category name - add some basic text e.g. This category contains information about Category name and then Save it. Done! Now users can bookmark that specific category page and all articles referencing that category will automatically show up.

[[Category:Parent Category name]]

[edit] Q. How do I spell check my wiki post?

[edit] Q. Dont you have a WYSIWYG editor.

We have not installed a WYSIWYG editor as most of them dont integrate well with Mediawiki. We will continue to follow the mediawiki usability project and will make stable improvement that are released out of it.

[edit] Q. How do I syntax highlight code examples?

We have not installed any specialized extensions to highlight code. But, are evaluating some. In the mean while a good way to highlight code is via <pre> /* Your code here */ </pre>

[edit] Q. What is the policy on "promotional material"?

The wiki is for technical, collaborative information. It is not intended to be a platform to aggressively promote particular 3rd party tool features. Please ensure topics on 3rd party commerical offerings are objective, presenting only the technical details and referring users to other websites for pricing and sales information.

[edit] Q. Why do you use short-hand URL links sometimes?

We encourage users to do this [[CCSv4]] instead of this [ CCSv4] simply because the former is independent of the URL i.e. its a relative link. This insulates topics from potential changes in the URL (note that we won't change the URL - it's just good practice)

[edit] Q. I want multiple search terms to point to the same place. How do I do this?

Check out redirects.

[edit] Q. How do I give feedback about a topic, or ask a question?

Wiki is primarily a 1-way information mechanism, however you can give feedback on topics by using the Discussion tab. The author (and everybody else) will typically see the feedback via their RSS feed. Please do not expect the topic to be modified to instantly address any questions posted on a Discussion. Authors should do their best to respond/apply feedback.

[edit] Q. Are there any guidelines to follow when contributing?

There is a list of best practices at the following location. Best Practices

[edit] Q. How do I use syntax highlighting for the code snippet?

We have SyntaxHighlight GeSHi extension enabled. On the wiki page, you can now use "source" tag for syntax highlighting.

For example if you type below on a wiki page:

<source lang="php">
    $v = "string";    // sample initialization
html text
    echo $v;         // end of php code

then it show:

    $v = "string";    // sample initialization
html text
    echo $v;         // end of php code

Please see SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi for list of supported languages.

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