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This wikipage stages new ideas, suggested feature additions, improvements etc. to the PM SW till they get scheduled for development.


HWMOD Framework Enhancements

The HWMOD framework enhancements were discussed as a part of PM workshop held at Bangalore 7-11 Jun, 2010. More details can be found at this link.

They are being scheduled for implementation. Once that is done, more details can be found under HWMOD wiki.

SR Voltage Control Migration to Regulator Framework Drivers

CPUFreq Ondemand Improvement to Fix Performance Issues

Policy Framework for Other Voltage Domains

Dynamic Management of SMP Cores

CPUIdle Refinement

Extend PM QoS to Provide Per Device Granularity

Memory Hotplug

Improve the PM Debug / Trace Capability

CPUFreq / CPUIdle Instrumentation for Timechart Usage

STM / ETB Support to Export HW Information without Lauterbach

PM Idle Code in I$/D$ Instead of SRAM

Latency Modeling

Dynamic Clock Events

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