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{| {{table}}
{| {{table}}
| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Date'''
| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Date'''
| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Submitter'''
| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Submitter                   .'''
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Revision as of 11:26, 12 April 2010

Date Submitter . Commit
3/2/2010Anand GadiyarUSB: ehci: omap: Update TODO list in comments
3/2/2010Ajay Kumar Guptausb: musb: Add context save and restore support
3/2/2010Ajay Kumar Guptausb: host: ehci: adding regulator framework in ehci...
3/2/2010Ajay Kumar Guptausb: host: ehci: fix missing kfree in remove path also
3/2/2010Ajay Kumar Guptausb: musb: Add \'extvbus\' in musb_hdrc_platform_data
3/2/2010Ajay Kumar Guptausb: musb: save dynfifo in musb struct
3/2/2010Ajay Kumar GuptaUSB: musb: Add new fifo table for a OMAP3 errata
3/2/2010Anand GadiyarUSB: ehci: omap: use default interrupt threshold
3/2/2010Anand GadiyarUSB: omap: ehci: kill 2 compile warnings
3/2/2010Anand Gadiyarusb: musb: workaround MUSB DMA_INTR sometimes reads...
3/2/2010Anand Gadiyarusb: musb: hsdma: add wrapper for reading DMA count
2/25/2010Ajay Kumar GuptaAM35x: Enable OMAP_MUX in defconfig
2/25/2010Ajay Kumar GuptaAM35x: Add missing GPIO mux config for EHCI port
2/23/2010Maulik Mankadomap: musb: Add USB support to 4430 SDP board file
2/19/2010Maulik Mankadomap: musb: Pass board specific data from board file
2/19/2010Maulik Mankadomap: musb: Remove #ifdef from board-omap3evm.c
2/19/2010Maulik MankadUSB: Add empty functions in otg.h
12/23/2009Maulik MankadUSB: musb: Fix array index out of bounds issue
12/23/2009Maulik MankadUSB: musb: Fix null pointer dereference issue
12/18/2009Anand GadiyarARM: 5853/1: ARM: Fix build break on ARM v6 and v7
12/12/2009Anand Gadiyaromap3: zoom2/3: make MMC slot work again
12/11/2009Anand GadiyarUSB: MUSB: save hardware revision at init
12/11/2009Anand GadiyarUSB: ehci: Allow EHCI to be built on OMAP3
12/1/2009Ajay Kumar GuptaUSB: musb: fix ISOC Tx programming for CPPI DMAs
12/1/2009Ajay Kumar GuptaUSB: musb: Remove unwanted message in boot log
11/22/2009Ajay Kumar Guptaomap3evm: ehci: Update EHCI support on OMAP3EVM (Rev...
11/22/2009Ajay Kumar Guptaomap3evm: Add board revision function
11/22/2009Anand Gadiyaromap3: Update 3430SDP defconfig
11/22/2009Anand Gadiyaromap: update plat/usb.h to allow ehci driver to build
9/24/2009Ajay Kumar Guptaomap: Add missing mux pin for EHCI phy reset line
9/23/2009Ajay Kumar GuptaUSB: musb: fix put_device() call sequence
9/23/2009Anand GadiyarOMAP: HSMMC: do not enable buffer ready interrupt if...
9/23/2009Anand GadiyarUSB: OMAP: ISP1301: Compile fix
9/23/2009Anand GadiyarUSB: EHCI: OHCI: Remove unnecessary includes of reboot.h
9/21/2009Anand Gadiyartrivial: fix typo \"to to\" in multiple files
9/21/2009Anand Gadiyartrivial: fix typo \"for for\" in multiple files
9/21/2009Anand Gadiyartrivial: OHCI: Fix typo in a comment
9/2/2009Anand GadiyarMUSB: Remove usb_musb_pm_init() call
7/28/2009Ajay Kumar GuptaUSB: musb: fix CONFIGDATA register read issue
7/28/2009Anand GadiyarUSB: OMAP: OHCI: hc_driver\'s stop method should call...
7/12/2009Ajay Kumar GuptaUSB: otg: fix module reinsert issue
6/16/2009Ajay Kumar Guptamusb: add high bandwidth ISO support
6/16/2009Anand Gadiyarmusb: use dma mode 1 for TX if transfer size equals...
6/16/2009Maulik MankadUSB: gadget : Fix RNDIS code to pass USB Compliance...
6/3/2009Anand Gadiyaromap_hsmmc: Trivial fix for a typo in comment
3/24/2009Ajay Kumar GuptaUSB: musb: only turn off vbus in OTG hosts
3/24/2009Ajay Kumar GuptaUSB: musb: NAK timeout scheme on bulk RX endpoint
3/24/2009Ajay Kumar GuptaUSB: otg: adding nop usb transceiver
2/27/2009Anand GadiyarUSB: musb: resume suspended root hub on disconnect
1/28/2009Ajay Kumar GuptaUSB: musb free_irq bugfix
1/15/2009Anand GadiyarARM: OMAP: Fix DMA CCR programming for request line...
11/13/2008Ajay Kumar Guptausb: musb: fix BULK request on different available...
11/13/2008Ajay Kumar Guptausb: musb: Removes compilation warning in gadget mode
11/13/2008Ajay Kumar Guptausb: musb: Fix for isochronous IN transfer
10/17/2008Ajay Kumar GuptaOMAP:MUSB: Corrects urb unlink function path
10/17/2008Ajay Kumar GuptaOMAP:MUSB: Fixes the TT programming.
8/21/2008Anand GadiyarMUSB: Fix index register corruption seen with g_ether...
3/20/2008Anand GadiyarARM: OMAP: Fix chain_a_transfer return value
2/8/2008Anand GadiyarARM: OMAP: Add DMA support for chaining and 3430
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