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The following process has been put in place regarding TI integration trees:

[edit] Management of kernel integration tree

For more information on how to maintain a kernel integration tree, please refer to Linux OMAP integration tree

[edit] Linux OMAP kernel on Android git repositories

Android project is also hosting a Linux OMAP kernel here. This Linux kernel is also considered as a downstream of mainline Linux kernel. The main difference between this tree and the linux-omap tree is that the Android OMAP tree is frozen on a specific version of the Linux kernel. It is currently based on v2.6.29. This tree is owned by Android engineers and includes contributions from linux-omap tree, TI software development teams, as well as many other open source partners.

[edit] Where to get the source code?

Based on the above discussions, there are various versions of Linux OMAP kernel that can be used: mainline Linux kernel, linux-omap tree, Android project or TI integration tree. You need to make sure you understand the various states of each project and pick the most appropriate one. In general you can use the following rules:

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