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A list of known git trees for OMAP Linux Kernel development

Feature Branches for OMAP5

Based on kernel 3.4-rc

Feature Tree Gitweb URL Branch / Tag Availability Timeline Feature list compared to 3.1-based trees listed in next section Does not contain (list loss of features)
MPUSS (ARM core, EMIF, Timers, GPIO, sDMA, Watchdog, MPUSS PM) v3.4/omap_mpuss_platform (based on 3.4-rc4)25-AprilEverything similar to 3.1 based kernel treeNA
Power Management (Frameworks, Core PM)<to be updated>OMAP4 DVFSOMAP5 DVFS,Chip retention, OFF mode, Smart Reflex, Core cpuidle
Connectivity, Storage & Sensors (UART, I2C, SPI, USB2.0, USB3.0, Keypad, Touchscreen, MMC/SD, SATA) Branch: for-omap5May 10thMMC, Keypad, I2C, UART, SPI, DWC3 driver, USB Gadget FrameworkUSB2/3 PHY, USB Host
Audio 3.4_palmas (mpuss + palmas):
3.4_audio_abe (mpuss + palmas + ABE):

Mentioned in URL 1-May Same as 3.1 McASP/ Voice Call record/ DL2 on DL1.
Display3.4_display (mpuiss + palmas + DSS):
3.4_hdmi (mpuiss + palmas + ABE + DSS + HDMI):

Mentioned in URL 1-May Same as 3.1 Display port
RPMsg - May 4

P2 - May 11
P3 - May 18

Based on the upstream RPMsg version (completely different from 3.1)
P1 - Load, Init, Messaging, ResMgr
P2 - Recovery, Device Exception
P3 - Subsystem WD, AutoSuspend

PM support - Will be available based on Android PM Plan
TILERgit:// for-v3.4May 4Upstream Tiler without PM supportPM support - Will be available based on Android PM Plan

Based on kernel 3.1

Domain Subdomain Feature Base git tree git web URL Branch Name / Tag Kernel version Additional Information/Comments
Platform ARM Core, Serial, Storage CORE kernel Linus' Tree omap5_platform_base_v3.1 3.1 Base Feature Tree
Power Power Base PM support Linus' Tree omap5_platform_base_v3.1_pm 3.1
USB USB USB Composite Gadget Framework and DWC3 Linus' tree;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/for-omap5 for-omap5 3.1
Display Display DSS2 master 3.1
Audio ASoC ALSA tree git:// omap_3.1-pm-dss-audio 3.1 Kernel
RPMsg Inter-Processor Communication omap5_platform_base_v3.1-pm-rpmsg 3.1 Kernel
TILER omap5_platform_base_v3.1-tiler 3.1 Kernel

Feature Branches for OMAP4460

Domain Subdomain Feature Base git tree git web URL Branch Name / Tag Latest version Additional Information/Comments
Storage MMC/SD/SDIO MMC hwmod adaptations<2.6.38-rcN> mmc_hwmod v5_mmc_hwmod Accepted for 39-rc1
PM Thermal On chip thermal sensor driver<2.6.39-RC2> omap4460-thermal commid id: .39-rc2 Please use omap2plus_defconfig to boot on 4460sdp/blaze. This is WIP branch.
Core Kernel Basic support for 4460<2.6.39-RC2> omap4_next commit id: 9dd3746 This is a WIP branch.
Core SPL Bootloader changes for 4460 Denx U-Boot;a=summary omap_upstream_4460 commit id: e299c84 This is a WIP branch.

Feature Branches for OMAP4430

Domain Subdomain Base git tree git web URL git clone link Maintainer / Contact info Additional Information
Storage MMC/SD/SDIO Linus' tree git:// Balaji T K <>
Display Display Linus' tree git:// Tomi Valkeinen <> More info on display trees:
PM OMAP4430 SR, DVFS Linus' tree git:// Vishwanath BS <> Branch Name: omap_dvfs_3.1_rc2
PM Core Retention (suspend/resume Linus' tree git:// Vishwanath BS <> Branch Name: omap4_core_pm
Serial USB Linus' tree;a=summary git:// Felipe Balbi <>
Serial USB Host 2.0 Linus' tree git:// Keshava Munegowda <>
Serial McBSP Tonys tree git:// Kishon Vijay Abraham I <>
Serial UART Kevin's PM tree git:// Govindraj.R <> WIP: uart runtime conversion changes + cleanup
Audio ASoC ALSA tree git:// Liam Girdwood <> ASoC DSP framework
ARM Core kernel Core Kernel Linus' tree git:// Santosh <>
IPC / TILER SysLink/TILER See: SysLink Git Trees
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