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This release has been developed and tested in the following environment.

OS Kernel: Linux® 2.6.32.
AndroidTM Froyo 2.2.1 public project.
Toolchain: Android Froyo Toolchain : arm-eabi-4.4.0 (Using GCC4.4.0).
Manifest: 25.INC3.4P3_Manifest.
U-boot Version: fbe4cef852de5a39412234b4acd47a830d0282a2.
X-loader version: eb8b047c29a2027fbdd841cd1289fa27ddb22d72.
Kernel version: 0d27f8409fd277b66d46e16ffadb0ec9bf26eb8a.

Release Content

The release refers to the source code in git trees and the binary packages are distributed in different projects. The next section on how to build will help pull them into the correct directories to integrate the software system.

OMAPpedia is an excellent source for details on the various components. There is a project listing in the main page on the various components. You may also go and check the following: Refer to BSP release notes at


Refer to Bridge release notes at


Power Management materials PM is enabled by default in the kernel, but for enabling any of the features we need to use some sysfs entries from user space:


Refer to OMX release notes at https://gforge.ti.com/gf/project/omapandroid/docman/?subdir=22

Source code
Release Manifest for open code source. Release Tag - RLS25.INC3.4P3DB237rc0

Follow these instructions in order to download RLS25.INC3.4P3DB237rc0 manifest:

mkdir RLS25.INC3.4P3DB237rc0
cd RLS25.INC3.4P3DB237rc0
repo init -u git://git.omapzoom.org/platform/omapmanifest.git -b eclair
cd .repo/manifests
git reset --hard RLS25.INC3.4P3DB237rc0
cd ../..
repo sync

Kernel cloning/building

git clone git://git.omapzoom.org/kernel/omap.git
cd omap/
git checkout --track -b p-android-omap-2.6.32 origin/p-android-omap-2.6.32
git checkout -b L25.I3.4P3 android-2.6.32-2.2-Inc3-4P3
make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-eabi- android_zoom3_defconfig
make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-eabi- uImage

U-Boot cloning/building

git clone  git://git.omapzoom.org/repo/u-boot.git
cd u-boot/
git checkout -b L25.I3.4P3 fbe4cef852de5a39412234b4acd47a830d0282a2
make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-eabi- omap3630zoom3_config
make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-eabi-

X-Loader cloning/building

git clone git://git.omapzoom.org/repo/x-loader.git
cd x-loader/
git checkout -b L25.I3.4P3 eb8b047c29a2027fbdd841cd1289fa27ddb22d72
make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-eabi- omap3630zoom3_config
make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-eabi- ift

Other Binary packages
DSP Binary Package - binaries Connectivity Package - project Graphics Package - Please refer to Build/Install instructions on details

Build and Installation Instructions

Building the Bootloader, Kernel and Android File System

The final Release RC tag from L25x manifest for the source should be used. Perform a clean build of u-boot, x-loader, kernel and the android file system. Instructions on how to build can also be obtained from Android Wiki

Pre-built binaries from this release can be obtained from Package. Please follow the below instructions to modify the file system to make it work.

DSP binaries package

Pull in the DSP binaries and install them following the instructions in the readme.txt in the package. Features supported can be referred at OpenMAX page

IMPORTANT: First you need to rename/move a couple of libraries to make them work. The libraries are in /system/lib:

Rename them to something else (e.g. libOMX.TI.AMR.decode.so.bak and libOMX.TI.AMR.encode.so.bak). By default, AMR libraries have been already renamed in available pre-compiled binaries RLS25.INC2.5 Package.

If you are booting from NAND then once you have booted your filesystem, on your terminal type the following:

cd /system/lib
mv libOMX.TI.AMR.decode.so libOMX.TI.AMR.decode.so.bak
mv libOMX.TI.AMR.encode.so libOMX.TI.AMR.encode.so.bak

then reboot.

Connectivity package

Connectivity package can be obtained from Wilink package. For instructions to build and test, refer to Wilink wiki

Graphics package

To access the graphics package - following steps are required

NO Zoom2 (OMAP 3430) for this L25.INC3.4P3 Release

Limitations/Known Issues


Random white screen issue

This is a known issue which happens due to change in GPIO pin muxing in beta and production boards. Reading the gpio_94 to determine production vs pilot units has shown not to be a reliable method. Now we will check the silicon version of the zoom2 unit based on the following:

If Silicon rev is ES3.1 or greater => Zoom2 Production Units. If Silicon rev is ES3.0 or lesser => Zoom2 Pilot Units

With this information we can determine the gpio value required for the lcd reset:

Zoom2 Production Unit => LCD panel reset gpio = 96
Zoom2 Pilot Unit => LCD panel reset gpio = 55

Refer to the commit ID 571770a16d95a0eaae9740ee0c58246700b345c7 for a fix.

Use Case Test Results

Test Case ID Test Case Name Validation Criteria Sample file Test Result Comments

1 Boot from SD Android boots from SD card N/A Pass Android boots up and the Home screen is displayed on the LCD (no need of any DSP binary)
2 Audio Playback - AAC Play - Audio shall play without audible glitches. A_000433_eAACplus_stereo_48000Hz_48kbps.m4a Pass Audio plays without audible glitches.
3 A/V Playback - MPEG4 Play - Shall play synchronized audio/video without audible/visible distortion. MPEG4_QVGA_320x240_ASP_L3_30fps_1_5Mbps_AAC_48kHz_128kbps_stereo.MP4 Pass Video is heard and rendered without distortion.
4 A/V Playback - H264 Play - Shall play synchronized audio/video without audible/visible distortion. AV_000343_h264_Baseline_Profile_level_1_3_CIF_30fps_768Kbps_AAC_48khz_128kbps_stereo.mp4 Pass Video is heard and rendered without distortion.
5 A/V Record - MPEG4 Shall record synchronized audio/video without audible/visible distortion. Digital zoom applies to viewfinder and capture. NA Pass Need to rename libOMX.TI.AMR.encode.so and libOMX.TI.AMR.decode.so in /system/lib to make Camcorder use Android's audio encoder since there is no TI AMR encoder.
6 Image Capture - JPEG Image should be capture without any distortion. NA Pass Image is displayed without distortion. You can switch to Camcorder and then go back to Camera to keep taking pictures.
7 Bluetooth Pass if pairing is succesful. NA Pass BT device is paired without issues.
8 FM FM station should be listened properly. N/A. Pass. FM station listened correctly.
9 Bluetooth File Transfer Sent and received file should be uncurrupted. N/A. Pass. Files sent and received OK.
10 WLAN File shall be downloaded and rendered successfully by the browser. NA Pass. URL is downloaded and displayed correctly on browser.
11 GFX SDK OGLES2HelloTriangle GFX should be displayed properly. NA Pass. GFX displayed OK.


OMAPZoom.org and OMAPpedia.org may be good starting places.

IRC Chat - #linux-omap
Googlegroups - OmapZoom
Mailing List - OMAPAndroid Discussion list

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