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[edit] What's this page?

This page is intended to be a good place to capture project ideas and todo's for OMAP community. Ideas could in theory be implementable on one of the following HW platforms : OMAP3 (OMAP34xx/OMAP36xx), OMAP4 (OMAP44xx), Zoom-II MDP,Zoom MDK. Other OMAP3/OMAP4 processor based platfroms are also welcome.

NOTE: For Beagleboard ideas we suggest you capture them at the already existing Beagleboard Ideas page so that there is less duplication.

Some example idea categories could be:


[edit] Base software, Operating systems & Hardware Adaptation

[edit] Bootloader

[edit] Android

[edit] Linux (Kernel, Driver, Angstrom, Poky, Maemo etc)

[edit] Symbian

[edit] Internet & Browsing

[edit] Graphics & User Interfaces

[edit] Multimedia & Multimedia Applications

[edit] Utilities,Tools & Debugging

[edit] Connectivity (WLAN, Bluetooth, FM, Modem Etc)

[edit] Hardware

[edit] OMAP Community Websites

[edit] (This site)


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