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About Distributed Codec Engine

DCE is a library to remotely invoke the hw accellerated codecs on IVA-HD via a syslink/rcm shim layer. This provides access to the Codec Engine codec interface on the coprocessor (ducati/M3) from the host.

It is similar in purpose to remote codec engine, although at the time RCE was not supported on OMAP4430, and DCE was a simple way to get the same result. They should be roughly interchangeable from the user's perspective, with the caveat that the DCE user should use dce_alloc() and dce_free() to allocate/free the control structures that are passed by pointer to CE APIs.

DCE is used by:

If you are using DCE (for anything that can be revealed publicly) let me know and I'll add a link.

Note: look in the README file for the latest version of this document, in particular for the required versions of various dependent components and tools, as these can change over time

A pre-built ducati appm3 image (dce_app_m3.xem3) is found in the firmware directory. The Notify_MPUSYS_reroute_Test_Core0.xem3 from syslink build should be used for sysm3 image. The dce_app_m3.xem3 replaces the official OpenMAX base_image_app_m3.xem3.

How To Build

These instructions are assuming you are cross-compiling on a linux machine for ducati/M3 coprocessor side and natively building the linux/A9 host side (although the instructions for cross-compiling the host side are roughly the same).

The following gives an example of how to build. I don't claim that it is the best or only way. But these are the versions I am currently using:

On linux side, the following versions are used:

Building Ducati/M3 Side

Install TMS470/ARM Compiler

Install Code Generation Tools (CGT) from:

Install to $HOME/ducati/ti_cgt_tms470_<version>

Install XDC tools

Download XDC tools from:

Install to $HOME/ducati/xdctools_<version>

Install BIOS

Download BIOS (the RTOS) from:

Install to $HOME/ducati/bios_<version>

Install Codec Engine

Download Codec Engine (CE) from:

The lite version is fine. Install to $HOME/ducati/codec_engine_<version>

Install Framework Components

Download Framework Components (FC) from:

The lite version without fctools is fine. Install to $HOME/ducati/framework_components_<version>

Install XDAIS

Download XDAIS from:

Untar to $HOME/ducati/xdais_<version>

Install HDVICP2 library codecs

Install HDCICP2 plus desired codecs from:

Install to $HOME/ducati/, and then untar each of the .tar files that were installed.

 cd $HOME/ducati
 for f in ivahd_*.tar; do
   untar xf $f

You should end up with:

Setup Environment

Setup environment variables needed for the build steps:

export TMS470_C_DIR="$HOME/ducati/ti_cgt_tms470_4_6_1/include;$HOME/ducati/ti_cgt_tms470_4_6_1/lib"
export TMS470CGTOOLPATH="$HOME/ducati/ti_cgt_tms470_4_6_1"
for f in $HOME/ducati/*/packages; do
export XDCPATH="$XDCPATH$HOME/ducati/bios_6_31_03_25/packages"
export XDCROOT="$HOME/ducati/xdctools_3_20_07_86"
export XDCARGS="profile=release"

Note: if you are using different version numbers, the paths would have to be adjusted accordingly.

Build Syslink

Clone syslink tree in $HOME/ducati/bios-syslink

cd $HOME/ducati
git clone git://gitorious.org/bios-syslink/bios-syslink.git
cd bios-syslink/packages
git checkout 48e98007e21e311c126f89ff51616bf6d7067b9d

At this point, since we are not building the DSP/c64 image, we can comment out a line in the build.cfg:

diff --git a/packages/config.bld b/packages/config.bld
index 01113a1..17e9862 100644
--- a/packages/config.bld
+++ b/packages/config.bld
@@ -228,6 +228,5 @@ M3.platform = M3.platforms[0];
 //Uncomment the require targets
 Build.targets = [
-                    C64T,

Now resume build:

export XDCBUILDCFG="`pwd`/config.bld"
$XDCROOT/xdc clean -PR ./ti
$XDCROOT/xdc -PR ./ti/sdo ./ti/omap/uart/ ./ti/omap/mem/ ./ti/omap/platform/ ./ti/omap/slpm/ ./ti/omap/deh ./ti/omap/hdmiwa
$XDCROOT/xdc -PR ./ti/omap/samples/notify

When the build succeeds, the sysm3 image will be in: ti/omap/samples/notify/ti_omap_platform_core0/release/Notify_MPUSYS_reroute_Test_Core0.xem3.

Note: For now, instead of git://git.omapzoom.org/platform/hardware/ti/bios-syslink.git, we use the gitorious tree. There are some kernel patches missing in ubuntu/linaro 2.6.38 kernel (for now) which are needed to use the latest official tree. (Probably the missing patch is this.)

Note: If you change syslink, you need to rebuild libdce. When you build syslink you build both the sysm3 image, plus syslink libraries used by the appm3 image.

Build DCE

Add the bios-syslink package into the already set XDCPATH variable

export XDCPATH="$XDCPATH;$HOME/ducati/bios-syslink/packages"

Clone libdce tree in $HOME/ducati/libdce

cd $HOME/ducati
git clone git://gitorious.org/gstreamer-omap/libdce.git
cd libdce

export XDCBUILDCFG="`pwd`/ducati/build/config.bld"
cd ducati/platform/base_image
$XDCROOT/xdc -j4 -PD .

When the build succeeds, the appm3 image will be in out/app_m3/release/dce_app_m3.xem3.

Note: To reduce the size of the images, the debug symbols can be stripped:

$TMS470CGTOOLPATH/bin/strip470 Notify_MPUSYS_reroute_Test_Core0.xem3 
$TMS470CGTOOLPATH/bin/strip470 dce_app_m3.xem3

Building Linux/A9 side:

Standard autotools build for cortex-a9 side userspace components.

Build TILER userspace

git clone git://git.omapzoom.org/platform/hardware/ti/tiler.git
cd tiler
git checkout origin/memmgr_2.0
./configure --prefix=/usr
make -j4
sudo make install

Build Syslink userspace

Ignore the build instructions in syslink tree if you are building natively. Too much to read..

git clone git://git.omapzoom.org/platform/hardware/ti/syslink.git
cd syslink/syslink
git checkout origin/syslink-2.0
./configure --prefix=/usr
make -j4
sudo make install

Build DCE userspace

If building natively, clone libdce tree. Otherwise, if cross-compiling, you can use the same copy you cloned on your PC when you built dce_app_m3.xem3.

cd libdce
./autogen --prefix=/usr
make -j4
sudo make install

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