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Early availability feature tree : kernel-display


[edit] Following features/patchsets were merged in 3.1

[edit] Following features/patchsets were merged in 3.0

[edit] Following features/patchsets were merged in 2.6.39

[edit] Upcoming features/patchsets

Feature Content Targeted kernel.org Release Status / Dependencies Owner
OMAP4 new featurePico DLP3.2 Patches are mostly ready. One bug in reset or shutdown sequence of the pico DLP chip. Tomi, Mythri
OMAP4 new featureDSI OMAP4 support for DSI1 and DSI2 - command mode3.2 OMAP DSS related changes were merged for 3.0, but the board-file related changes weren't accepted upstream, and need some consolidation changes. Tomi has some consolidation patches and will send them for review.Archit, Tomi.
OMAP4 new featureHDMI rework for supporting multiple SOCs - OMAP4, Netra, OMAP5 3.2Under review on community listsMythri
OMAP4 new featureHDMI advanced features (HPD, Extended-EDID)3.2-Mythri
OMAP4 new featureDSI Video mode support3.2-Archit, Tomi.
OMAP4 new featurevideo pipeline changes (video3, zorder)3.2Posted on LO.Archit
OMAP4 new featureSetting scaling coefficients specific to OMAP43.2-Archit
OMAP4 new featureWrite-back support3.3Design reviewed internally.Nishant
OMAP4 new featureInterlace-support?--
OMAP4 new featurePre-decimation?--
OMAP4 new featureV4L2: Any changes required to use videobuf2 - Plan cancelled.-
OMAP4 new featureV4L2: multi-planar support for NV12 - Current users pass Y and UV buffers appended together. No plan to support passing of separate buffers.-

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