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Early availability feature tree : kernel-display

Following features/patchsets were merged in 2.6.39

Upcoming features/patchsets

Feature Content Targeted kernel.org Release Status / Dependencies Owner
PM (OMAP2/3/4)pm_runtime support2.6.40The pm_runtime get/put_sync apis cannot be called from interrupt or spinlock context. Other drivers have therefore moved the pm_runtime calls out of spinlock context. For DSS, we have clk enable/disables around a set of register read/writes. This needs to be "relaxed". Idea is to add pm_runtime get/put sync calls near the user-space to kernel space entry points (syspend/resume, sysfs, ioctls) and remove the clk_enable/disable calls within the spinlock/unlocks in numerous functions.Sumit, Mayuresh
OMAP4 new featurePico DLP2.6.40Under internal review Mayuresh
OMAP4 new featureDSI OMAP4 support for DSI1 and DSI2 - command mode2.6.40Missed 2.6.39 windowArchit
OMAP4 new featureDSI low power feature (ULPS)2.6.40-Tomi
OMAP4 new featureHDMI rework for supporting multiple SOCs - OMAP4, Netra, OMAP5 2.6.40Mythri
OMAP4 new featureHDMI advanced features (HPD, Extended-EDID)2.6.40-Mythri
OMAP4 new featurevideo pipeline changes (video3, zorder)2.6.40Posted on LO. Delayed to 2.6.40 as more changes neededArchit
OMAP4 new featureNV 12 support in DSS driver2.6.40Changes to add new DMA base address for new color modeAmber
OMAP4 new featureV4L2: multi-planar support for NV122.6.40-Amber
OMAP4 new featureSetting scaling coefficients specific to OMAP42.6.40-Amber
OMAP4 new featureV4L2: Any changes required to use videobuf22.6.40-Amber
OMAP4 new featureInterlace-support2.6.40-Amber
OMAP4 new featurePre-decimation2.6.41-Amber
OMAP4 new featureRFC for Write-back supportJuly-Aug timeframeHow can mem-2-mem be used?Amber
OMAP4 new featureWrite back support - implementation 2.6.41-

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