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Early availability feature tree : kernel-display

Following features/patchsets were merged in 2.6.39

Upcoming features/patchsets

Feature Content Targeted kernel.org Release Status / Dependencies Owner
PM (OMAP2/3/4)pm_runtime support2.6.40The pm_runtime get/put_sync apis cannot be called from interrupt or spinlock context. Other drivers have therefore moved the pm_runtime calls out of spinlock context. For DSS, we have clk enable/disables around a set of register read/writes. This needs to be "relaxed". Idea is to add pm_runtime get/put sync calls near the user-space to kernel space entry points (syspend/resume, sysfs, ioctls) and remove the clk_enable/disable calls within the spinlock/unlocks in numerous functions.Sumit, Mayuresh
OMAP4 new featurevideo pipeline changes (video3, zorder)2.6.40Posted on LO. Delayed to 2.6.40 as more changes neededArchit
OMAP4 new featureDSI OMAP4 support for DSI1 and DSI2 - command mode2.6.40Missed 2.6.39 windowArchit
OMAP4 new featureHDMI rework for supporting multiple SOCs - OMAP4, Netra, OMAP5 2.6.40Mythri
OMAP4 new featureHDMI advanced features (HPD, Extended-EDID)2.6.40-Mythri
OMAP4 new featureRFC for Write-back supportJuly-Aug timeframeHow can mem-2-mem be used?Amber
OMAP4 new featureNV 12 support in DSS driver2.6.40Changes to add new DMA base address for new color mode.Archit
OMAP4 new featureV4L2: multi-planar support for NV122.6.40Amber
OMAP4 new featureSetting scaling coefficients specific to OMAP42.6.40
OMAP4 new featurePico DLP2.6.40Under internal review Mayuresh
OMAP4 new featureWrite back support - implementation 2.6.41
OMAP4 new featureInterlace-support2.6.40Amber
OMAP4 new featurePre-decimation2.6.41Amber
OMAP4 new featureV4L2: Any changes required to use videobuf22.6.40Amber

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