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Early availability feature tree : kernel-display
Feature Content Targeted kernel.org Release Status / Dependencies Owner
PM (OMAP2/3) Hwmod conversion of DSS2 - OMAP2/32.6.39OMAP2/3 series - Accepted. Tomi has pulled it in his gitorious.Sumit
PM (OMAP4)Hwmod conversion of DSS2 - OMAP42.6.39Posted on LO. Need review from PM experts on V2 series.Sumit
PM (OMAP2/3/4)Making DSS clock names common across all platforms2.6.39Posted on LO. Need review from PM experts on V3 series.Sumit
PM (OMAP2/3/4)internal-clock-framework (calculation clock dividors for pixel clock)2.6.39To be posted. Need review from PM expertsArchit [ready, except, it still uses core clock divisor (in backward compatibility mode)]
PM (OMAP2/3/4)PM: check on hwmod usability, and remove centralised DSS PM (In other words, remove clcok enable/disable pairs from unnecessary places in code)2.6.39To be posted. Need review from PM expertsMayuresh
PM (OMAP2/3/4)opt-clocks, pm_runtime support2.6.39To be posted. Dependent on above clock changes. Need PM experts to review and AckSumit
OMAP4 FBSetting TAAL panel timings via bootargs2.6.39Posted on LO. Need review from Tomi for V2.Mayuresh
OMAP4 new featurevideo pipeline changes (video3, zorder)2.6.39To be posted.Archit [ready for review]
OMAP4 new featureDSI OMAP4 support for DSI1 and DSI2 - command mode2.6.39Dependency on clock patches.Archit
OMAP4 new featureHDMI basic (no HPD)2.6.39Dependency on clock patchesMythri
OMAP4 new featureRFC for Write-back support2.6.39How can mem-2-mem be used?Amber (DSS2), Samreen (V4L2)
OMAP4DVI support for PandaTBD
OMAP4 new featureNV 12 support in DSS driver2.6.40Changes to add new DMA base address for new color mode.Archit
OMAP4 new featureV4L2: multi-planar support for NV122.6.40Samreen
OMAP4 new featureSetting scaling coefficients specific to OMAP42.6.40
OMAP4 new featurePico DLP2.6.40Mythri / Abraham
OMAP4 new featureHDMI advanced features (HPD, Extended-EDID)2.6.40Dependency on HDMI basic supportMythri
OMAP4 new featureWrite back support - DSS22.6.40
OMAP4 new featureWrite back support - V4l22.6.40
OMAP4 new featureInterlace-support2.6.40?
OMAP4 new featurePre-decimation.2.6.40?
OMAP4 new featureV4L2: Any changes required to use videobuf22.6.40Samreen

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