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||PicoDLP||Not Submitted||Mythripk||To be Planned||||
||PicoDLP||Not Submitted||Mythripk||To be Planned||||
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Linux OMAP Tree : kernel-display

Head : Master

Kernel Version 2.6.34




SI No Description Module Name Upstream Status Owner Target Week No of patches Comments
1DSS2: Clock Changes for OMAP4 DSS2Not SubmittedArchitDecember 214For Clocks internal to DSS
2DSS2: DSI Configuration changes DSS2Not SubmittedArchitJanuary 151
3V4L2: OMAP_VOUT: Cleanup IRQ handler code V4L2Not SubmittedMythriDecember 211
4DSS2: OMAP4 DSI2 driver and Panel Taal Driver DSS2Not SubmittedArchitJanuary 214
5DSS2: OMAP4: NV12 Support DSS2Not SubmittedArchitDecember 213
6DSS2: Add HDMI,DSI1,DSI2,DPI2 in wait_for_vsync DSS2Not SubmittedMayureshJanuary 151
7DSS2: Scaling changes for OMAP4 DSS2Not SubmittedLajosFebruary 12
8DSS2: NV12 Scaling DSS2Not SubmittedLajosFebruary 12
9DSS2: patch series for Write back support DSS2-WBNot SubmittedMukundFebruary 15
10V4L2: OMAP_VOUT: Write back support on V4l2 V4L2Not SubmittedMukundFebruary 28
11V4L2: OMAP_VOUT: NV12 Support V4L2Not SubmittedSumitTo be Planned3
12DSS2: Tiler Support DSS2Not SubmittedSumitTo be planned1
13V4L2: OMAP_VOUT: Tiler Support V4L2Not SubmittedSumitTo be Planned1
14HDMI: Support Hot-plug detect in HDMI HDMINot SubmittedMythripkTo be PlannedDepends on HDMI enable patch series acceptance
15HDMI: Overlay check for TV as downscaling is not supported for TV. DSS2Not SubmittedMythripk To be Planned
16V4L2: OMAP_VOUT: Crop support during streaming V4L2Not SubmittedLajosTo be Planned
17PicoDLP: patch series to Enable PicoDLP PicoDLPNot SubmittedMythripkTo be Planned

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