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make ARCH=arm menuconfig
Use y to select, n to deselect
 Use 'm' to select as a module
 spacebar to change between select- select as a module- deselect
Device Drivers --->
           Graphics support  ---> 
                 <> Support for frame buffer devices [Select this]
                 <> OMAP2+ Display Subsystem support (EXPERIMENTAL) [Select this]
                                   ----> ()  VRAM size (MB) [Make this 20]
                                   ----> []   DPI support [Select this]
                                   ----> []   RFBI support [Select this]
                                   ----> []   VENC support [Select this]
                                   ----> []   HDMI support [Select this]
                                   ----> []   SDI support [Select this]
                                   ----> []   DSI support [Select this]
                                   ----> (0)   Minimum FCK/PCK ratio (for scaling) [Let this be 0]
                                   ----> [*]   Sleep 50ms before DSS reset [Select this]
                                   ----> [*]   Sleep 20ms after VENC reset [Select this]
                                         <*>   OMAP2+ frame buffer support (EXPERIMENTAL)  ---> [Select this]
                                                                     [*] Debug support for OMAP2+ FB [Select this]
                                                                     (3) Number of framebuffers  [Make this 3]
                                               OMAP2/3 Display Device Drivers  --->
                                                                     <*> Generic DPI Panel [Select this]
                                                                     < > LG.Philips LB035Q02 LCD Panel [Select this]
                                                                     <*> Sharp LS037V7DW01 LCD Panel [Select this]
                                                                     <*> NEC NL8048HL11-01B Panel [Select this]
                                                                     <*> Taal DSI Panel [Select this]
                                                                     <*> TPO TD043MTEA1 LCD Panel [Select this]
                                                                     <*> ACX565AKM Panel [Select this]

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