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Linux Kernel project at

Kernel v3.2 upstream plan

1. Complete remainder of GPIO cleanup and runtime adaptations.

2. Complete GPTIMER library movement to drivers/timer.

3. Start EMIF driver upstreaming. The RFC's should get reviewed in this merged window.

4. OMAP4430 and OMAP4460 MPUSS PM support including EMU/HS devices.

5. Update OMAP4460 support if any(L2 cache configuration needs to be updated)

Kernel v3.3 upstream plan

1. Follow up and finishing remainder of EMIF driver support.

2. Any leftovers on OMAP4 MPUSS PM because of consolidation efforts.

3. Start looking at new Linux MUX framework and start adapting OMAP for the same.

4. Start preparing basic support for OMAP5430

U-boot/SPL project at

V-2011.06- merge window

1. OMAP4430 and OMAP4460 CORE support is merged. buy essay writer

2. Address remainder of cache and SPL issues.

V-2011.07 merge widnow

1. Start pushing OMAP5 u-boot and SPL support

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