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Welcome to the new and improved connectivity home page! :)

As you can see, we have organized the site a little bit to make it easier to access relevant information easily and effectively. The effort to organize the site is not completed yet; it may always remain a continuing effort.

We need your cooperation to make this site better. If you are adding information to this site please consider where you want to place that information so that it is easy for others to access it.

Common topics should stay in common topic areas. (For example, if configuring something is common between two platforms, that common topic should have a separate template page which can be referenced from pages relevant to those two platforms.)

If I am reading release notes for a particular new platform, I want to read the differences between that and the old platform. I am already quite familiar with the old platform. I don't want to read 20 pages of explanation only to find that the differences between the new and old platforms could have been mentioned in half a page. (Saves me from reading 19.5 pages of stuff I already know well.)

That could be avoided by having specific-issue based pages. Specific issues -- code, howtos, explanations etc. -- for a particular platform or distro should be in the page for that particular platform or distro. Makes sense, doesn't it?

You are welcome to move the existing information into relevant topic oriented pages. Let's pledge not to dump multiple topics into huge pages. It's difficult to access those huge pages; and difficult to maintain as, inevitably, time moves on.

Thanks for your contributions, support and help.

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