Configure Android Device to Test Enterprise Security

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NOTE: Ensure that a valid certificate is provided to you from the administrator in pkcs12 format. Rename the certificate from anyname.pfx to anyname.p12. For example, client.p12 . Place it in root of SD card (1st Partition). or you can place the certificate in a web server, download and install the same.

[edit] Install Client Certificate on Android Device

To install the certificate on OMAP4 Blaze platform,

Type credential storage password minimum 8 characters. For example, abcdefghi.

Click on client.p12 and give the following credentials.

Enter the key provided by administrator when asked for Importing key.

You should see that certificate installed message is displayed.

Congratulation! You have installled the client certificate on the Android device. Next, we are going to configure the device to have EAP-TLS Authentication.

[edit] Testing the EAP-TLS on Android Device


Wireless network Settings.png

WiFi Settings.png

Linksys n EAP.png

Linksys n phase2.png

Linksys n CA user.png


Enter storage password.png


Obtaining IP.png


IP address.png

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