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1. Clone the tree
git clone git://
2. Checkout the lo-dss2 branch
git checkout -b "lo-dss2-local" origin/lo-dss2

it worked for me like this:

first got to kernel-display folder, then checkout with git.

also use the -f flag for the checkout:

git checkout -f -b "lo-dss2-local" origin/lo-dss2
3. Go to kernel-display folder
cd kernel-display
4. Required toolchain
 You can download arm toolchain from
 Advanced Packages -> IA32 GNU/Linux TAR
 This is a one time activity
5. Export PATH to include toolchain path
  export PATH=$PATH:<PATH to toolchain>/arm2010-q1/bin/
6. Clean the prebuilt kernel
make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-none-linux-gnueabi- distclean
7. Set a configuration
make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-none-linux-gnueabi- omap2plus_defconfig
8. Set config options for DSS
 DSS config
9. Build the kernel Image
make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-none-linux-gnueabi- uImage
uImage would be created in arch/arm/boot/ directory
10. Build the kernel modules (optional)
make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-none-linux-gnueabi- modules
Modules would be created in respective directories

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