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Video tutorials are available on some generic topics and also demonstrating specfic features of Angstrom. Though some of the videos mention ndroid, the initial setup, flashing, booting etc. remain almost the same for the different software distributions. Again, the videos may not be current and it is always good to refer to the instructions and documentation in the Wiki as they are maintained.

This page contains links to video tutorials which will go over some of the key concepts in a step-by-step manner. Videos and the text commands are provided with each tutorial.

Tutorial #1 - Initial setup

After installing Ubuntu, this tutorial will show you how to quicky install applications, compilers etc.. It also has instructions to build and boot from SD card. The distro shown is Android, but the concept is same.

Tutorial #2 - Flashing the bootloader, Kernel TFTP, and NFS

This tutorial will help setup an environment more suitable for debugging. The bootloaders will load from flash, the kernel will load from a TFTP server, and the file system will run via NFS over Ethernet.

Angstrom on Zoom2

For an user experience of the full blown Zoom2 platform with USB keyboard and mouse with HDMI, please view this Video playing an MPEG4 clip in the TV using GNOME media player from Angstrom.

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